Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kugan Ananthan

Kugan Ananthan. I believe most of you have heard of his name.
He is another case of police brutality in Malaysia.
He was a "suspected" car thief and was interrogated to death!

And IMO the police tried to cover it up by stating his cause of death is due to "water in lungs" after consuming H2O given by police.
WTF, so the water went down the wrong pipe and go into the lungs right?

And now, after the family has claim back the body for a 2nd autopsy, they found external injuries cause by blunt force trauma.

Close-circuit-television cameras (CCTV) were suppose to be place in police station lock-ups many years ago but until now there are still no CCTVs in place. WHY is that you ask? So that it lets them (police) brutalize you and get away with it.

And heck, semi-valued please don't continue being the Mugabe of Malaysia.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

US Porn Moguls, Chrysler and Satyam

"Two porn moguls including Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt are seeking a five-billion-dollar bailout from Washington, arguing that the limp US economy has thrown cold water on the adult entertainment industry."-AFP
I guess the porn industry isn't resilient to the economic downturn after all. I had a theory which goes along the line of -sex is like food, thus its staple, thus it would not be affected much by the economic downturn.

Chrysler, what can I say, it's in the SHIT. ItLarry Flynt

is in the worst position among the Detroit car makers. The CFO stated that it needs $7 billion every 45 days to pay its suppliers and creditors. Last year, a single Toyota model, the Camry/Solara midsize car, outsold the entire fleet of Chrysler LLC's passenger cars.
Talk about bad.

Satyam, know as the Enron of India might cause PwC to end up like Arthur Anderson. I don't understand how could the audiors from PwC not detect a $1 Billion fraud done by then Chairman, Mr. Ramalinga Raju. PwC had been auditing Satyam for 7 freaking years. An analyst from Merryl Lynch just took 10 days to find out about its accounting irregularities. Talk about a shitty job done.
In 2007, Mr. Raju was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young. Its a highly prestigious award given by EY.The Legendary Fraudster, Mr Ramalinga Raju

PS: Tax computation is so boring!~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Always had an interest in boxing, but lately i've been crazy about it.
I don't understand what pushes a man to go through such intense training regime. All those training for just that tiny tiny chance of achieving glory. Kinda reminds me about gladiators.
Waking up at 5 am in the morning to jog, then train, then jog some more and then train again till night.
Its even more difficult when a boxer wants to lose weight to go down a weight class. Some extreme diets only contain drinking water 3 days before the weight-in.

For every 1 Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard, there would be a 100 unknowns.

My current favourite boxer, Manny Pacquiao aka Pac-Man aka Mexicutioner. This guy is a legend, currently the best pound for pound boxer. "Pound for pound" is a term to describe the best boxer if every boxer were in the same weight-class, as no matter how good a featherweight boxer is he can never take on a heavyweight boxer.
Pac Man with ArroyoAll lean muscles, no fats here people.

Manny Pacquiao just celebrated his 30th birthday. His guest of honour even include Arroyo, the President of Philippines. He is a legend in Phillipines, it is said that when he fights, rebels would put down their guns, robbers would take a day off and the daily routine of Fillipinos would stop to just watch him fight.

He just added Oscar Dela Hoya aka the Golden Boy in boxing to his impressive boxing record. It was a major upset as he was labelled the underdog before the match.

Another boxer to look out for is British Ricky Hatton. It would be a dream match for Pac Man to go against Ricky Hatton.
But Ricky Hatton is also known as Ricky Fatton, due to his excessive drinking and eating.
If it really happens, my money is on Pac Man!
Ricky Hatton, currently the best boxer in Britian and one of the best in the world.

But the one man whom i want to see fight again is Floyd Mayweather Jr. One of the best boxers who belong to our generation. Our dads had Muhammad Ali, our older siblings had Mike Tyson / Holyfield. We have/had Floyd Mayweahter Jr. But sadly he retired last year, at the young age of 30. His record is impressive, 39 Fights/39 Wins/25 KOs/0 Losses, he was the best pound for pound boxer before he retired.
He have defeated both Ricky Hatton and Oscar Dela Hoya before, but he has never met Manny Pacquiao. It would be awesome to see the both of them fight it out.Floyd Mayweather Jr. aka Pretty Boy Floyd (in my opinion the king of boxing, after Pac Man of course)

PS: Holyfield should retire, i know he wanted to make history to become the oldest heavyweight champion at the age of 46 but honestly, i think what kept him going was the child support he has to pay which amounts to $500,000 for 11 of his children (from marriages and affairs) and the upkeep of his 100 over bedroom castle which was almost taken from him earlier this year.

To Mike and Holyfield, your time has passed, be like Lennox Lewis, a real champion in life and in the ring.

Till Next time, I'll see you in the boxing gym

Friday, December 19, 2008


JERIT (Oppressed People Network)
The Police Cheif Abu Bakar's statement that the reason why they arrested the cyclist were that they were acting to "SAVE" the underage, mistreated, naive, teenagers that were participating.
WOAH Abu Bakar, cyclying sure is dangerous.
Whereas in NS children no older than the ones you try to "SAVED" are being thought how to use machine guns.
Utter rubbish.
This "kids" are so much more aware and I strongly believe they know what they were participating in.
Please, if you wanna come up with an excuse. COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER!

Judical Appointments Commission Bill
This supposely new an improve way of choosing judges was suppose to bring INTEGRITY back into our Judical system.
But look, the Prime Minister is given the power to SELECT nominees for the JAC!
What change is that?
Changing the tupperware of a rotten meat to a newer more pleasant looking one does not make the meat any less rotten than it already is.


PS: I'm quite sure working in an Accounting Firm is not what i want. Currently doing an internship with EY tax department and everything is so structured and COST CONSCIOUS!
I need something which gives me autonomy and revenue chasing!
Anyone in Damansara Heights (HELP Area) give me a call for lunch (:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hypocrasy of the West

I remembered so vividly when Malaysia was slam for banning short-selling. "Uncompetitive, communist market, discouraging foreign direct investments, etc,"

The recent decision by the states to ban short-selling on 700+ shares just show how bloody hypocrite the west is. "Its for the greater good that we are doing this," they say. Both Republicans and Democratic say the measure is necessary so that the market doesn't fail.
Sigh, isn't democracy and the efficient market all about letting the market decide whether a firm survives or fail?
Now with a 700 billion USD bailout being in mulled, I really wonder where does the US get that amount of money? Already they are the world's largest debtor and now with an extra 700 billion USD deficit, how they hell are they going to finance it? Maybe the oil money from Iraq =P

Even here in Australia "naked" short-selling is being ban.
Lehman Brothers, Merrly Lynch, Bear Sterns, HBOS, and countless other smaller state banks in the States have been casualty so far. AIG might have also became one of the victims of this subprime crisis if not for the US government decision to bail AIG out and provide liquidity to them.

Ah, plenty of fat, arrogant, overpaid bankers are now out of jobs and their wealth wiped out. My heart goes out to all of them, remember bankers, its all about karma.

Picture of the day:
Your future ethical Investment Banker.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The UMNO Party is going to the DOGS!
Using the Internal Security Act (ISA) on a reporter? Only in Malaysia can you arrest someone for their safety.

According to our lovely Home Minister Syed Hamid (whom is a total retard) police received information that Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng life had been threatened and therefore, instead of putting her under police custody, and having patrols in her neighbourhood, they decide to detain her under ISA? Come on, its bloody ridiculous.
What about the life of Ahmad Ismail? Why not put him under ISA too as the millions and millions of Chinese people would definately be after his blood.

UMNO is fearing for Septermber 16 and they would go to drastic measures to make sure it won't happen.

Advice to the other partys in Barisan Nasional, GET OUT and get out fast.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dangers of Blogs

The dangers of blogs.
My boss Googles my name, and the other intern's name. I believe it becomes the practice of most firms out there. So thank goodness i have nothing personal or derogatory written down here.
I found out my boss manage to stumble onto one of my colleague's blogs and what was written in there wasn't exactly nice -_-
So guys, please remember to protect your privacy!

I have a question which i hope someone could enlighten me. What makes a book canon to the bible and what doesn't? I.E. why is the book of Enoch not included in the bible? The book of Enoch shows the downfall of Lucifer but non of the books in the bible do. So yes, the burning question is, what makes certain books canon to the bible and certain books non-canon or heresy?

Picture of the day:Vancouver Island

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Government did the right thing.

Abdullah did the right thing, never thought he would have to guts to do it. REAL inflation is at an all time high, please don't take whatever number reported by Bank Negara as the real inflation cause its bullshit. If the government had not done anything, and continue to subsidize fuel, electricity & commodities, a repeat of 98 would happen. And heck once again Malaysian economy would be left behind compare to the other Asian countries.

Now is the perfect time for the government to cut all subsidies and lift ceiling prices when everyone else in the region is doing it. It surprise me that Abdullah made such an unpopular BUT NECESSARY move. Kudos goes to him. Although the lay person on the street might not understand it and complain, it was the right thing to do for the Malaysian economy, for the sake of keeping the economy competitive.
There are jokes about our Malaysian fisherman whom gets M$2.5k diesel subsidy a month and instead of fishing, they just sell diesel to Thailand. Our fishermen have forgotten how to fish.

And then there is the Independent Power Producers (IPP) whom have a one sided deal with Tenaga Bhd which requires Tenaga to buy electricity from them even when the price is much higher than the cost needed for Tenaga to produce the electricity, or even when Tenaga has ample electricity. All these one sided deals was done under the previous administration. And the contract didn't had a renegotiation clause so the only way to balance things out and be fair is to slap those IPP with windfall taxes. Once again, KUDOS Abdullah.

Overall, all these subsidies cuts and lifting of ceiling price would definitely make Malaysia more competitive.
And which Vietnam being one of the worst performing markets this year (54% drop in their market) and Pakistan suffering too, foreign direct investments (FDI) would definitely increase in Malaysia.

But yes people, its burdensome, but in the long-run it will be worth it, a caveat though, the government should be very transparent with where the money from subsidies are going. A good idea is the construction sector as its suffering from high commodity price.
AND BLOODY HELL. TIME TO MAKE PETRONAS STATEMENTS PUBLIC! God knows how much went to Abdullah's and Mathatir's cronies.